Quackers Over Feast! Fine Foods Poultry & Game Butchery Class


July 27, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson


My name is Joanne aka mickeydownunder aka Joanna aka FANG and I have TWO confessions, TRUE! Embarassed

1) THE ONLY previous experience I had with deboning a chook (Aussie lingo for chicken) was a challenge I accepted from The Daring Kitchen back in April of this year!

My Make No Bones About It experience was “quite animated“!

If you are looking for a chuckle today, enjoy Chef Georgio’s and my Who’s On First escapade! Laughing

2) My previous knowledge about quail and rabbit? (other than I enjoy eating both! (lol)…..NONE!!!! Shocked

Don’t let your previous knowledge or experience put you off from “having a go” (Aussie lingo for trying) with this Feast! Fine Foods Game & Butchery Class!

You might have remembered my Feast! Fine Foods Sausage Making Class experience! Very Happy

Courtesy of Feast! Fine Foods, I thought I would “properly learn” how to debone a chicken, debone a quail (which I had never done) and portion a rabbit. (which also previously escaped me doing to date!) Very Happy

Before I continue, the bottom line is… I REALLY enjoyed learning how to do and it boosted my “entertaining” confidence that I CAN now EASILY do! Wink

This is a GREAT learning class for any foodie and would make a GREAT pressie (Aussie lingo for present) for those um, well, difficult to buy for throughout the year too! Wink

The class started with a “sharpening of the knives” demonstration on a Bear branded course and fine sharpening stone  by Robbie (butcher at  the Feast! Fine Foods Unley store)

Do you know the best way to lubricate the stone is “with clean oil before sharpening?”

Do you know the best way to “maintain the edge” once the straight edge has been created by the sharpening stone?


Then a “quick click” might be in order for you to view if you don’t know the answer like I previously didn’t know too!

I have warned you in previous posts what a fun-filled food tease I am!

I have not “started” deboning and “already” you have learned two things new! Wink

Knife safety is also discussed and I personally cannot more highly recommend a Stahlnetz Cut Resistant Glove!

I think ALL I have to do is remind you of my Activated Nuts Coconut Milk Tahini Spirooli Salad incident, eh? Shocked

Since purchasing the Stahlnetz Cut Resistant Glove, I CAN say I have not cut myself, true! Very Happy

All equipment used is available for purchase on the night too!

I can almost kick myself for NOT getting a Giesser 13 cm Boning Knife the other night! Wink

I know, for people reading this post who don’t know WHAT to get me for that next special occasion…wink, wink, nod, nod! lol

You KNOW by now HOW distracted I get about all things food….so, let’s get onto deboning that chook now too! Wink

IMG_4012 IMG_4013 IMG_4015 IMG_4014Robbie showed us two different ways to debone a chook!

When he asked the class had anyone deboned a chook before, I said I had butterflied one.

It was only then that it dawned on me (based on his demonstration) that I had not learned the “easy” way to do, but chose the more difficult way to do the first time round!

Each person in the class gets to decide what and how they want to do!

I can “honestly” say it was NOT difficult to do, TRUE!

Robbie and Rohan (Robbie’s friendly and knowledgeable side-kick on the night) stay with you “each and every” step of the way and they are only “more than familiar” with that um, well, “What do I do next?” look too!

Want to GUESS who deboned her first chook?

What “great value” KNOWING for future entertaining (and I do A LOT throughout the year), I can now “confidently” debone my chook! Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy

IMG_4022 IMG_4021 IMG_4019Do YOU know the difference between a spitchcock, a squab, goose and a quail?

Thanks to Robbie, I now do! Wink

I also know what a Boston Butterflied Chicken is! YOU?

And I was born and bred in the States, and never previously heard the terminology, true! Embarassed

I DID have a “quail” of a time!

Please forgive my chook humor today as the class had me quackers too! lol

Food-wise, I LOVE learning all things new!

Ask my friends, I also LOVE sharing experiences and it “has” been mention “on occasion” that my food “PASSION and ENTHUSIASM” is contagious too! WinkVery Happy

Based on Robbie’s guidance (once again!), I deboned my first quail!

IMG_4034 IMG_4032 IMG_4031

Rohan demonstrated what to do with the deboned butterflied chook!IMG_4025 IMG_4026 IMG_4027 IMG_4028I don’t know about you, but “sense” I need more “practice, practice, practice” with tying a chook!

I have now “successfully” done it thanks to the confidence the Feast! Fine Foods Poultry & Game Butchery Class gave me!

Did I mention at the end of the class the group is “entertained” with dinner?



This stuffed spinach and cheese deboned chicken wrapped in prosciutto was SO moist and tender too!

I LOVED this recipe and have asked that it be uploaded to the Recipe Section of Feast! Fine Foods as I would LOVE to re-create this dish at home!Wink

Hopping to it, the group also learned how to portion a rabbit!

Did I mention you are also provided with recipes so you can cook your chook, quail and rabbit when you get home?
IMG_4017 IMG_4016 IMG_4018

I don’t know about YOU, but I can’t to try new recipes with what I’ve learned today too! WinkVery Happy

Have YOU deboned a chook, quail or rabbit to date?

Would love hearing about your experience in the comments and if you could suggest a recipe or two to me, it WOULD be great! Very Happy

I HOPE I have now “inspired” you to “have a go” at deboning a chook, quail and rabbit too!

This is a fun-filled food adventure that I would HIGHLY recommend both blokes (Aussie lingo for men) and sheila’s (Aussie lingo for females) BOTH experience.

Feast! Fine Foods are at the Adelaide Central Markets, The Parade in South Australia, Unley in South Australia, Victor Harbour in South Australia, West Lakes in South Australia, and they “do have arrangements  with butchers in NSW and Qld to be able to order in our produce and we can fly produce direct to the airport for customer pick up in other major centres.”

The words and E-X-C-I-T-E-M-E-N-T are my own, true! And have not been “influenced” that this course was courtesy of Feast! Fine Foods too!

19 thoughts on “Quackers Over Feast! Fine Foods Poultry & Game Butchery Class

  1. […] of a giftcard via @Feast! Fine Foods for her participation in their Poultry and Game Butchery Course, Joanne selected 1.5 kilo beautiful piece of boneless Coorang Angus Beef Sirloin and delightedly […]

  2. I deboned chicken so I can stuff rice and such in it. I even deboned the chicken wing to stuff bean thread stir fried with chopped chicken and spice (It’s called angle wing at some Thai restaurant) but I never debone it this way you showed. It’s a great idea, I might try to stuff the log and cook it with curry sauce…Great post!

  3. Amy Tong says:

    What a great class to take. So much to learn. My aunt showed me long ago how to butcher the chicken and I’ve been benefited ever since. But it does take me a while to do it. Verses she can do it in a minute, pretty amazing. And I love learning all your Aussie lingo!

  4. This sounds like such a fun class! The end results look delicious, too.

  5. I’ve deboned but I’m sure I did it the tough way. I’d love to learn from an expert.

  6. leggypeggy says:

    I needed this course about two weeks ago. Very jealous you got to do it.

  7. I have never deboned anything. I might be brave enough to do it.

  8. hotlyspiced says:

    What a great course to do. I sure need to do one of these. I can cut a chicken into portions and the same with a poussin but I’ve never de-boned anything. Wouldn’t know where to start and I think it’s something someone needs to show you how to do. I bet you took a lot of new knowledge away with you and that’s fantastic and makes it so worthwhile xx

    • Thanks Charlie for your lovely comments! As I mentioned to Peggy, it seems quite a number of my foodie friends have all missed the same class. A basic skill that is best taught hands on as I did not get the same results with trying to follow Chef’s Pepin’s video the first time round!

  9. I enjoyed reading your ‘Aussie lingo’! I’ve not deboned anything, and wouldn’t know where to begin! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  10. I’ve deboned a quail, spatchcock, chicken and turkey. And having done it I’d say I don’t want to do a turkey again. It was very brutal breaking the leg and thigh joint! 😛

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