EMWTTP — Spicy Black Bean Soup With…


July 6, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

photoHands up if you remember from yesterday what EMWTTP stands for?

That’s quite a number of hands behind the computer screen I see!

I had SO much fun creating something and Eating My Way Through The Pantry yesterday, that I thought I would have “another go.” (Aussie lingo for another try!)

When I opened, my pantry, WHAT did I see? (other than A LOT of ingredients lol)

My fun-filled food ingredients YELLING (again!), “PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!”

Not knowing (honestly) what I had in the pantry other than what I could see, when I “peered” into the pantry, a bag of black beans was staring back at me!

It’s been a long time since I had black bean soup, but then thought there is no cumin and I am limited on spice; dill and oregano in a black bean soup would NOT be very nice!

Within a couple of minutes, the ingredients were sorted  and “introduced“, recipe creating was “on its way.”

I LIKE “introducing” foods like in Sparkling Birthday Mini Bombe Alaska, Spinning Spiral Tart and Coconut, Lemongrass and Hibiscus Ice Cream.

If you have never cooked black beans before, I chose the soaking overnight method; covering with cold water.

The next day, I drained and rinsed then sorted the black beans; discarding any “unsightly looking beans.”

I used the rule of thumb — 3 cups water for each cup of black beans.

In a stock pot, heated the beans and water to a boil then simmered for about an hour or until the black beans are tender and done.

Fresher beans have more moisture and may take less time than older beans; but you always get there in the end.

I do hope you enjoy Joanna’s Black Bean Soup with “a bit of spice” , C-R-U-N-C-H and a bit of Olé!


Do you know which beans has the highest antioxidant levels?

Black Beans!

Why?“, do I “hear” you say?

“The darker the seed coat, the higher the antioxidant level in the bean variety.” *

Did you know there is a National Bean Day?

To put your curiosity out of its misery, it’s January 6th.

Make sure next year to mark your calender so your bean day celebrations are not missed.

Did you know summer savory, epazote and/or some types of seaweed like kombu (edible kelp), can “lessen” the effects of …well you know… “a gaseous event or multiple events”? lol




Ingredients for Joanna’s Spicy Black Bean Soup with a Bit of Olé

Original recipe is posted “as a guide” and was created with ingredients I have on hand while Eating My Way Through The Pantry; feel free to adjust ingredients and spices for personal taste.

3 tablespoons mustard oil
4 pickled onions, washed, rough chopped
4 garlic, minced
2 heaping tablespoons jarred green jalapenos, chopped
2 teaspoons green peppercorns, hand smashed
2 cups chicken stock
30 ounces cooked black beans (can substitute 2 14 1/2 ounce cans, drained)
1 -2 tablespoons salsa (topping optional)
handful of fried onions (optional)

Heat fry pan, then add oil over medium heat.

Saute pickled onions, garlic, jalapenos, peppercorns for about 5 minutes; onions will be “slightly” golden brown.

Lower heat, add in chicken stock and cooked black beans.

Cook until soup “simmers“; turn off heat.

With stick blender, blend until smooth.

Hint and Tip
You might want to reserve some of the cooked black beans to add into the soup.

Top with salsa and fried onions.


What adds a bit of Olé to YOUR day?

Is there a unique or exotic food ingredient you are “hoping” is hiding in the back of one of my pantries?

Your comments always MAKE MY DAY!!

I recently received my LIFELONG wish by divine intervention, TRUE!

It had always been my wish to JUST be “amongst” His Holiness the Dalai Lama; have other ties too.

His Holiness was in Adelaide for the first time in 21 years for sold out public talks.

His Holiness revealed his “earthly sense of humour” during his Adelaide visit.


Here is the article written about his “body full of natural gas“, should you wish to view!



21 thoughts on “EMWTTP — Spicy Black Bean Soup With…

  1. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    I’d love to have a big bowl of this soup. My husband and kids are not so into beans and I cannot really cook them at home. I crave for eating soup like this when I go out, but I know they can’t beat homemade… I have to make it at the party and enjoy with others! 😀 Delicious post!

  2. I love the thought of your pantry ingredients calling out for selection 😉 And, this soup looks great! Perfect for winter!

  3. What a warm and delicious looking soup 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Rosa Mayland says:

    A delicious sounding/looking soup! Those are great flavors. I love pantry meals.



  5. hotlyspiced says:

    Good on you for eating your way through your pantry. It’s something we should all do rather than let all those little packets of things we’ve only used once, go beyond their expiration date. I love the look of your soup and it must be spicy with those jalepenos xx

  6. theintolerantchef says:

    Perfect weather for soup indeed!

  7. ChgoJohn says:

    I really enjoy a good black bean soup nio matter whether by design or happenstance. The soup you created sounds like a very good one. I’m bookmarking it for this Winter. Summer just got here and I’m not quite ready for bean soup yet. 🙂

  8. Love your EMWTTP soup recipe! I’ll have to see what I have in my pantry now 🙂

  9. I had no idea about the antioxidant levels being related to the colour of the seed coat! I love learning new things! 😀

  10. Joanne says:

    It always makes me feel so accomplished to come up with a pantry meal! This sounds like a super soup!

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