Food Trip Down Memory Lane


June 11, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson


After S-Q-U-E-A-L-I-N-G with UDDER DELIGHT yesterday from my Udder-ly Delightful Cheesemaking Class, I thought I would so something a little bit different today! (sort of! lol)

I think by now you have come to the conclusion I S-Q-U-E-A-L A LOT when it comes to food like in Feast! Fine Foods Sausage Making Class, Daniella e Stefania Saporito! Cookbook Review, Herbie’s Spices Essentials Chicken Dhansak, and in Little Box of Yum May “Australian Theme” Box to name a few! Wink

When I was little, I LOVED the story of the Three Little Pigs! I must have been the little pig who enjoyed going to market! Laughing

SEE how distracted food can get me! lol

Today, I had the pleasure (and I mean pleasure) of “experiencingThe American Candy Stand Cupcake Cafe here in Norwood, South Australia.



I was meeting Miss Thermaliscious for lunch and was glad I was the one who arrived early because as soon as I entered this 50’s style American cafe, I S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D with delight! Shocked

The girl at the counter, dressed as a 50’s style American cafe waitress laughed, then said it was more than okay. Wink

She said with more Americans frequenting the cafe, she knew the signs by now.

I could not help but YELL out, “APPLE JACKS!!!”

Thankfully in the cafe, it was only the waitress and me! Laughing 


For those of you who may not be familiar, Apple Jacks cereal was introduced in the States as “Apple O’s” in 1965. The name was changed by Kellogg’s in 1971 to Apple Jacks and the cereal was targeted to children (like me lol) as a “crunchy, sweetened multi-grain cereal with apple and cinnamon.”


I “almost” asked the girl behind the counter if she could take the box down, TRUE!

If she did, I KNEW I couldn’t control myself and it would be coming home with me; and this WITHOUT it YELLING, “PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!” lol


IMG_3342IMG_3339It was by now the girl said, “YUP, you now have that American child-like glaze in your eyes too!” lol

My heart was racing as if I was five! I remembered on how Hershey’s Syrup Princess Svetlana and I “tried” to survive! lol

When I saw THE BIGGEST bottle of Hershey’s Syrup…I remembered the Banana Split Sundae’s Princess Svetlana (of Lucky Peeking Pork fame Wink) used to have EVERY Friday Night!

We used to argue who had the most syrup on their sundae while we ate them.

The argument went on ALL night! Laughing

IMG_3341I think I “surprised” the girl behind the counter when I YELLED, “YOU HAVE Kool-Aid TOO?”IMG_3344One of my favorite childhood memories was when we visited my Fairy Godmother who lived in Brooklyn; have VERY fond memories of her block parties too!

Kool-Aid was always a summer drink treat my Fairy Godmother made me! Very Happy

I wonder why I don’t remember having it at home too? Sad

The girl behind the counter continued to laugh and said, “Yup, the Americans who have come in here have gotten THAT EXCITED and THAT A-N-I-M-A-T-E-D about Kool-Aid too! Laughing

My heart went a flutter when I YELLED “POP ROCKS“, TRUE!
IMG_3345As my first um, well, encounter with the law was over Pop Rocks (that used to come in pixie sticks) and it seems one was missing in a store I was in with my mother.

With my mouth “fizzling and popping“, I tried to tell the security guard I was there by myself; for if my mum found out that SOMEONE had stolen (I mean “borrowed” lol) a pixie stick to “test taste” it, it would NOT be a good scenario! Wink


Perhaps my destiny was to be a food critic?
My mother was “less than amused” in having to pay for the offending Pop Rocks Pixie stick that found its way into my mouth.

Don’t worry, it WAS a lesson I NEVER have forgotten and she did NOT like my explanation of HOW the Pop Rocks Pixie Stick “magically” landed in my mouth; a story with my life I clung to! lol

I used to think being a Food Magician would be fun! Laughing

I HAVE been “known” to make food disappear!

Perhaps one day I will share my secret with you! Wink

What did you and Miss Thermaliscious eat?”, I “hear” you say?

We were chit-chatting away. (as you do!Laughing)

The menu is QUITE (and I MEAN quite) extensive too!

American Candy Stand Cupcake Cafe Menu

After an “exhausting” (well not THAT exhausting lol) search, I chose The Original Route 66 Burger without the bun. Sad

“all meat patty, ketchup & American mustard, raw onion, melted cheese, kosher dill pickles, American bacon, mayo, tomato & lettuce”

All burgers come with “A Side of French Fries”, but I passed on those too! Wink

I could NOT go pass the Serendipity Iced Hot Chocolate made with 5 (yes 5!!!!) chocolates AND whipped cream! Very HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery Happy

“HOW can a drink be Iced and Hot at the same time?”, you ask?

I DID wonder myself too! But this only added to the mystique of reliving childhood too!

IMG_3348 IMG_3346Miss Thermaliscious decided on a Gluten Free Burger with a “lovely” cup of tea!
IMG_3347Time “seemed” to fly when we “chit-chated and ate the day away”! TRUE!

Sadly, our dessert would have to wait for another visit too!

The dessert menu consisted of Elvis’ Banana Splits (I forgot to mention Elvis music played throughout our visit too!), Hot Chocolate & Brownie Fudge Sundae and my childhood favorite Everything But The Kitchen Sink!

It is a “real” name of a dessert!
I have devoured MANY during my childhood too! Very HappyVery Happy)

I think Elvis has now left the building and hope you enjoy the view!


Thanks Liz “Liz Lemon” A.’s cafe photo too! Very Happy

Thank you for taking this Food Trip Down Memory Lane today with me!

LOVE how even to this day HOW food triggers such wonderfully and excitable S-Q-U-E-A-L-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y to “feel AND see!”

I would LOVE to read your comments about a childhood food that excited you or a food that you S-Q-U-E-A-L about even today! Very HappyVery Happy

12 thoughts on “Food Trip Down Memory Lane

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  4. chocolatepeanutbutterohmy says:

    We recently went their for date night, the sweets are nice

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  7. What a fun trip down memory lane Joanne! And I remember being totally stunned by the amount of cereal at American grocery stores! 😮

  8. babso2you says:

    I love it! We found an old time candy shop that had Beman’s gum, which I loved as a kid! They had Necco’s, Charleston Chews, and the strips of paper with the candy dots affixed….ah….Such a lovely day that you had!

  9. Joanne says:

    Haha I would have definitely been squealing also!!

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