Aussie Green Farmhouse Native Seasonings & Salts Damper with….


May 20, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

IMG_2998My name is Joanne, and I have never made anything but a “basic ingredient” damper (flour, water and sometimes milk) over hot coals; certainly not one in the oven! Shocked

For those unfamiliar with damper, it is an Australian iconic dish.

Damper was developed originally by stockmen who looked after lifestock and traveled to remote areas “for weeks or months” on end with only “basic” rations; mostly tea, flour and sugar.

Damper was normally cooked “in the ashes” of a campfire initially for about 10 minutes. The damper was then “covered” in ashes and cooked for an additional 30 minutes until the top of the damper “sounded hallow” when tapped.

Damper was eaten with cooked or dried meats or with golden syrup (also known as invert syrup, light treacle or cocky’s joy Wink)

Today I decided to think “outside the box” (or campfire lol) and came up with (what I think is) this “unique twist.” Very Happy

I LOVE promoting “unique foods and spices” and as a VERY PROUD South Australian, nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing local foods from local producers who really care about their products.

I recently had the occasion to enjoy a chat with Merlinda Hunt, owner of Green Farm House.

Under new ownership, Green Farm House is located in the Limestone Coast Food Region on their property “at Western Flat in the Upper South East of South Australia.”

Merlinda “graciously” sent me  products to try and create “unusual or unique” ways to use.

Green Farmhouse’s FANTASTIC seasonings and salts include, Pepper Power Lemon, Boobialla Bush Seasoning, Coollamon Herbs, Corroboree Dust, Salt with Attitude, Drovers Salt and Sunaami Salt.

Green Farmhouse products have won a swag of medals at Sydney Royal Fine Food.

In 2008 Green Farmhouse was the Regional Produce winner in the Limestone Coast WIN TV Tourism Excellence Awards.

IMG_2987IMG_2985Green Farmhouse has recently added Ozzie Dukkah to their range.

“Dukkah is not JUST for dipping”, I say! Very Happy

Green Farmhouse’s “unique flavor and aroma” will MAKE YOUR DAY! Wink

“As it is nut free so great for people with a nut allergy“, Merlinda shared with me.

Should you happen to be in South Australia, “You are able to experience the fragrant aromas and test the product at the markets.” Merlinda “welcomes” you! WinkIMG_2992Ingredients

4 cups self-rising flour, sifted
1 teaspoon Green Farmhouse Drover’s Salt (sea salt, salt bush flakes, native peppercorns & spices)
1 tablespoon butter, cubed, room temperature
1 1/4 cups milk
1 cup chevre (from the French word for goat; cheese; had on hand; feel free to substitute cheese for personal taste)
1 cup cooked spinach, well drained
1/2 cup antioxidant mix berries (incaberries, blackberries, cranberries, goji berries; use whatever berries are in season and or you have on hand)
2 tablespoons Green Farmhouse Corroboree Dust
1/2 cup water
oil spray

Preheat oven to 220C. (425F)

Oil spray a flat tray.

Cook (fresh or frozen) spinach until desired doneness; drain VERY well; set aside.

Hint and Tip
I find Chux work well and you can continue to twist the water out until it “almost” bursts! Wink

In a large bowl, stir together flour and salt.

With your fingers, cut in butter until resembles sand pebbles.

Combine milk and water.

Make a well in the center of the flour; stir with wooden spoon until the dough comes together.

Add in antioxidant mix, chevre and spinach until combined.

Turn dough only “lightly” floured flat surface and form into a oval ball approximately 8 inches across. (~20 cm)

Place load onto prepared tray.

Bake for 20 minutes, then lower heat to 170C. (~350F); continue baking for additional 5 minutes.

Hint and Tip
If you think the damper is getting “too” brown, place a piece of al foil over the top and continue baking until the loaf is “golden brown” and “sounds hallow when tapped.” Wink

What I LOVE about this recipe is the “simplicity and versatility” and can be made “economically.” Wink

Feel free to substitute ingredients you have on hand, TRUE!

I LOVED creating Aussie Green Farmhouse Native Seasonings & Salts Damper too!

Chef Georgio (aka hubby) and Princess WHAT?!! (and her family Wink)… (like in Julie Goodwin’s GATHER Cookbook Review), “devoured” Aussie Green Farmhouse Native Seasonings & Salts Damper with LOVE too!

They both said the “kick” from the Corroboree Dust was well balanced with the rest of the ingredients. Very HappyVery Happy

I hope if you have never made Aussie Damper, this post “inspires” you to do!

I would LOVE for you to try and see what worldwide YOU can create, TRUE! 

Would LOVE hearing your comments if you ever thought of adding dukkah to Damper/Soda Bread?


17 thoughts on “Aussie Green Farmhouse Native Seasonings & Salts Damper with….

  1. […] was very much looking forward to experiencing how to make Australian Damper. I have made Damper with… before, but not Sophie’s quandong […]

  2. Very interesting, I never heard about an edible damper (my friend uses one on his saxophone.) It looks very appetizing, though, of course I can’t get those exotic spice mixes: the only dust here around (other than what is under our bed) is the one you don’t want the police to catch you with 🙂
    Greetings from Maine,

  3. Aisha says:

    I think I will give a try to this one… looks very nice 🙂
    have a nice week-end

  4. […] in my food “PASSION AND ENTHUSIASM” too! It was only when I was having fun creating Aussie Green Farmhouse Native Seasonings & Salts Damper with… that I thought there “MUST be” a FUN way that I can incorporate dukkah […]

  5. I’ve eaten damper but I’ve never made it. I’ve been an Australian for 10 years and have never made damper.

    You win the prize though with Boobialla Bush Seasoning. Is that an iconic Australian name? Almost as good as living in Burrumbuttock. 🙂

  6. I have to admit that I’ve never heard of Damper. Now I’m intrigued, it sounds really good with all the spices and ingredient you used. Thanks for sharing Joanne!

  7. What a fabulous looking damper Joanne! It’s so colourful and full of so much goodness too!

  8. babso2you says:

    Looks lovely, and I like the twist of adding spinach!

  9. Joanne says:

    I suppose damper is a lot like a savory quickbread? I love the spices you’ve used in it!

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