Life Is Like a Bowl of Candy


February 17, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson


When I first saw the movie Forrest Gump * in 1994, I immediately thought Forrest Gump’s mama must either be related to mine or they “must have” been best friends.
While Forrest’s mama, used to like to talk about chocolate ;-), my mama used to like to talk about candy! 🙂

Hard candy, soft candy, penny candy, semi-soft candy, candy canes, stained glass candy, glass candy, rock candy, rainbow candy, and the list continued throughout my entire life.

One thing my mama did teach me is Life Is Like a Bowl of Candy and I learned some very valuable lessons (not only about candy 😉 ), but about the people (I mean the candy 😉 ) in the candy Bowl of life.

Like when I was a Kid in a Candy Store , I looked forward to “expanding” my candy life experience. Like candy, some people and life’s lessons can range from hard, soft (easy); some candy (like people) you like, some are your favorites; some you simply don’t like. Some are a bit “rough around the edge” and each person (I mean candy 😉 ) all come in different sizes and shapes.

Mama used to say, “Pick your candy choices wisely.” My mama sure had good advice! 😉

I find some people (I mean candy 😉 ) get along much better than other candy. Don’t you?


When I saw Make an Edible Candy Bowl on Dollar Store Mom, I “knew” the candy cane based fluted edible bowls were “on the list“. Let’s say I like to find “creative” ways to reuse, recreate or recycle when it comes to food. I now have a “new found love” in making edible gifts for friends from left over candy canes and Red & Green Peppermint Buckeyes from Christmas 😉 ; with “introducing” colorfully exciting new candy like Lemon & Wild Cherry Rods and Rosy Apples Hard Candy from Choc O Nut Treats; one of my local confectionery specialty stores. 🙂

Mama said, “Food, like people sometimes need introducing.”

Mama also said, “Make a good introduction the first time round.”

My mama sure did know what she was saying about people (I mean candy 😉 ) I have introduced too! 😉

I love making home made gifts for friends made with TLC and after all, all you need is love, eh? I think my mama would be so proud in sharing her Life is Like a Bowl of Candy lessons as relayed now by me! 🙂



12 Candy canes (used one for each month of the year 😉
10 Lemon & Wild Cherry Rods
14 Rosy Apples Hard Candy
12 Red Peppermint Buckeyes
11 Green Peppermint Buckeyes
oil spray

Line a flat baking tray with baking paper “lightly” oiled.

Please candy canes as “love hearts”; Fill.

Pre heat oven to 180C (350F); bake for 8 minutes.

Use whatever hard candy you like; as long as the candy canes are placed together like “love hearts” and are filled with candy, you dish will be ok.
I also included some candy in between some candy canes to close in the gap.
A larger baking pan would have been good, but would not fit in my oven.

I “lightly” oil sprayed my baking paper on the flat tray.
I used a large bowl and place “lightly” oiled baking paper totally surrounding the bowl too!

Make sure to watch the candy melt as (like the three bears), if the candy has not fully melted, it is “too soft”; if the candy has spread and melted (is liquidy), the candy is too soft; you WILL know when it is “just right!” 🙂

Make sure when you have enough baking paper on the flat tray to cover the entire area as had an “interesting” drip incident, but somehow came out of the candy cane lesson unscathed too! 🙂

Don’t worry if your bowl doesn’t come out “perfect” as:

Mama used to say, “The rough edges in all of us only goes to show we have “LIVED” life too.”

While my Life is Like A Candy Bowl bowl did not come out perfect, it IS U-N-I-Q-U-E like me!

It does have rough edges (also like me lol), but to me it represents the fun-filled candy bowl life I have lived and continue to enjoy to date!

Mama used to say, “Life Is Like a Bowl of Candy“…yours is U-N-I-Q-U-E to create too! …she would then follow with her own favorite quote from her favorite movie in 1994 The Shawshank Redemption * “Get Busy Living…” (my candy bowl life philosophy 😉 ) …as the rest of the quote from the movie (to me) just simply does not equate! As I “truly” think life is GREAT! 🙂

Did YOUR mama have any wise Life is Like a Candy Bowl advice?

The best of all mama’s advice was….she never had to say it twice 😉

Now that Life is Like a Bowl of Candy was “on the list” and now is “off the list“, hopefully I have inspired you to do!

Do YOU have any favorite people (I mean candy 😉 ) that you would like to now introduce too? 😉

* Information source

9 thoughts on “Life Is Like a Bowl of Candy

  1. […] I then went into Forrest Gump mode like in Life is Like a Bowl of Candy […]

  2. I’m so glad that you did this! I have it on my list of “to-dos” but I missed out on making them for Christmas!

    • Thanks Lorraine! I made the fluted bowls (link the this post) previously and wanted to do these bowls specifically re the candy canes and hard candy combination.

      I did find it interesting in how the various candies melted at different times, and that these candy cane bowls are a lot less breakable! 🙂

      My friends loved the bowls I made for their birthdays! I guess I STILL (and will continue to) enjoy playing with food and it give me much pleasure re my food fun adventures to share too! 🙂

  3. Debbwl says:

    Now on my list too

  4. Anoushka says:

    Love your candy story, but for me life is more like a box of choclates ❤ 😉

  5. Steve says:

    What a great way to re-use or even go out and buy candy (toffees where I come from) just to make them ! As for the candy people yes there are many sorts, some you like, some you can tollerate and some that make you spit lol !!

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