Royal Toast to Gerald!


February 13, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson


Here! Here! Gerald! A Toast to you!
We cheered your entrance ENTHUSIASTICALLY too!
Your CRISPY skin C-R-U-N-C-H, made our foodie year for friends and me!
Meat “melted” in our mouths, slow cooked by Chef Warrick Brook, with TLC!

Celebrating two special occasions, (this banquet) in our lifetime… friends and I will NEVER forget!
“Same Time Next Year”, we have our heart set!
Beautifully prepared apples were the PERFECT accompaniment to you!
We ALL were GOBSMACKED  and SPEECHLESS (in a good way!) lol with Chef Warrick’s menu that came before AND after you!

WHERE does one even start to “try” and explain an experience like this? I guess at the beginning, of course! :) I won this Banquet for 8 people last year at Peppers Craigieburn, Bowral, Southern Highlands through Tourism Southern Highlands, New South Wales here in Australia and we “knew” it would be “the perfect” location celebrating two very special occasions too!

The Southern Highlands, (locally known as “The Highlands”) is located about 114 kilometers/71 miles (~1 hour 20 minutes by car from Sydney, Australia)

The property (Originally known as Doone Vale) has quite an extensive history too! What was “absolutely charming” (very interesting and informative too!), was we were presented with an extensive book (of the history and photos) as compiled by one of the staff members too! We thoroughly enjoyed viewing and “when” you visit, you will get to read the “sordid” tales surrounding the property’s history too! 😉



From the time we arrived, we were very warmly greeted by staff members and reception as “seemingly” the word had spread we were there to share two special occasions! ;-) Perhaps because of my BUBBLY enthusiasm, and in being in contact with both staff, Chef Warrick re special dietary needs and the General Manager Robyn Bautovich, it was “GREATLY” appreciated all the attention to detail. :)
To say we TRULY felt like the Queen and the King of this country estate is an understatement! THIS was the service that was extended to “each and every” guest we observed too!

NOTHING “seemed” like it was too difficult for “any” of the staff to do!


A “very special” thank you here is extended to our Functions Manager Wayne! Wayne is truly an asset to Peppers Craigieburn, Bowral and no wonder he has been there for 20+ years too! ;-)

Wayne was VERY professional, and our every food and drink whim was taken care of without ever having to ask! :) :) :)



Scallop with Beetroot Puree and Rosti

Charcuterie platter of cured meats, smoked salmon
Marinated prawns, eggplant and baby spinach salad
Chickpea, tomato & preserved lemon salad
Garden salad with aged Balsamic reduction



Roast suckling pig named Gerald lol
Mustard encrusted rib eye
Roast seasonal vegetables
Panache of greens

An Assortment of accompanying sauces




A Happy Snap before Desserts arrived! 🙂


Vanilla & almond panna cotta
Mini chocolate macadamia tartlet
Eton Mess
Champagne jelly & raspberries




“They say” a picture paints a thousand words. One can “hope” you can “feel” the love with each and every dish presented. To say my friends and I were BLOWN away (in a good way lol), and were speechless and gobsmacked! (All at the same time!)

If you knew HOW ENTHUSIASTIC my friends and I can be and how we revel in the “art of conversation” lol, you can now appreciate how the mmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhs, oohhhhhhhhhhs and a standing ovation with BRAVO at the end told the story of our Royal Toast to Gerald! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  (one smile for each of us!) 🙂

In addition, what was “GREATLY” appreciated is with the desserts, (the champagne jelly with raspberries as well as the sugar reduced panna cotta) was specially made in light of a special dietary request! Nothing was also too diffcult for Chef Warrick to create!

A very special mention goes out to Chef Warrick’s staff on the night who we did ask to come out so we all could applaud their efforts too! Chef Warrick has a LOT to be proud of with his staff!

We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Chef Warrick Brook’s Banquet Dining and Montfort’s Dining Room!

“Fine dining, fine wine, great friends, the memories never ends!”

Follow Up Note:
This is my honest review based on our experience of the Royal Toast to Gerald and has not been influenced by winning the Banquet for 8 through Tourism Southern Highlands.
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Can you TELL that we are all STILL smiling from the experience?

Accommodation was paid for privately. 😉

Lastly, thank you Robyn for your hospitality and we hope “Same Time Next Year” too! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Royal Toast to Gerald!

  1. Trish says:

    We have stayed here previously and loved it, pity other people don’t see the history instead of the small rooms and other complaints they make. We found the staff marvelous, the food amazing and the whole experience wonderful. So glad you, your family and friend enjoyed it

  2. Gloria (aka Crafty Lady 13) says:

    You are living a foodie lover’s dream. The photos are beautiful and absolutely mouthwatering. Now I have to go cook something because I can’t stop my mouth from watering after looking at all your photos. LOL

  3. I’m so glad that you had a wonderful experience! It sounds like they really rolled out the red carpet for you! 😀

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