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January 17, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson


Hands up, who thinks they are called Macaroons?” was the first question by Rocco. (My hands slinks up lol Redface1)

(Of Nic and Rocco— formerly of My Kitchen Rules contestants
Nic and Rocco

Who thinks they should lower the oven temperature by 10 degrees and bake something longer?” (My hands slinks up again lol Redface1)

While I know a macaroon is a cookie that comes from Scotland, (made from eggs, sugar and coconut), I also thought I was at Macaroon Class. I “quickly” learned (and glad I did not show up at the wrong class lol) that what I was about to to create was pronounced “Macaron” and not “Macaroon” I “knew I had A LOT (especially as a non baker and non piper) to learn on the night.

I have in turn, shared my knowledge of pronouncing Macaron with all my friends since too! 😉

I had the WONDERFUL pleasure of attending Rocco’s Macaron (Okay, will cut it out now ;-)) class with The Cupcake Queen here in Adelaide. Within seconds of starting the class (and with Rocco’s mums warm and welcoming hospitality), I felt right at ease as if we were being welcomed to the Macaron family. 😉

Where do I even begin with the hints and tips? lol If you are like me and the first time you saw Rocco make these on My Kitchen Rules (Australian TV reality show), I SQUEALED, “I want to make them! They’re on the list!
NOTE to self: HOW was I going to TRY and make macarons if 1) I am not a baker 2) I have no piping skills for starters. Mmmmmm I wonder…

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND people attend Rocco’s macaron class (not only learn all the hints and tips that one cannot simply pick up from a recipe), but in two plus hours of learning and some hands on piping, you too can make a macaron. I “honestly” went from being a tad anxious (in a good way), excited, nervous and not very confident to “WOW, I KNOW I can make these now!” TRUE! 😉

Just WAIT til you read my blog post next week where The Cupcake Queen and I “attempted” our very first (solo test flight) making macaroons! “WHAT A HOOT!” the experience was. The only things missing was Rocco, his mum’s hospitality, and on the day, we were two “very nervous” Macaron Class graduates (lol) who wanted to get everything “just right”; we worked at “a snail’s pace” following Rocco’s outstanding recipe! 🙂 🙂


NOTE: There was VERY experienced cake decorating people who attended and there were people (like myself) with no experience. So, do not let a lack of expereince get in your way of booking a future Macaron class with Rocco.
I would also recommend bringing a pen and paper (like we did) and writing down the hints and tips demonstrated. Rocco was “very patient” and thorough in answering any questions posed by the class! And YES, he DOES make them SEEM easy to do! 😉

NOW, I understand why the price of “professionally made” macarons are too! 😉 Rocco told the class he makes about 10,000 macarons a week with 20 – 30 percent of macarons being binned; unsellable due to not meeting his macaron standards.

There are also over 25 different varieties to choose from and he welcomes anyone making suggestions on flavor combinations. My suggestions would be: Orange Nougat with Apricot, Moroccan Date, Lemon and Crystallized Ginger, Coffee, Frangelico & Pistachio (the combination The Cupcake Queen and I made ;-), Strawberry Daiquiri (non alcoholic), Pina Colada, and Mandarin with Orange Blossom Water. HOW exciting would it be, if a future macaron is named after me! lol lol lol

I had NO idea SO many things affect the making of macarons ie humidity, aged versus fresh eggs, oven temperature, gas ovens etc.

To say The Cupcake Queen and were “MESMERIZED” for two plus hours would be an understatement! They say, “Time flies when you are having fun!” Honestly, we had the Macaron time of our lives! 🙂 Each person in turn got to pipe their “own line” of macarons. I felt like I was holding the pipe bag of the three bears. My first “attempt” was too strong, my second “attempt” too soft, but by the third attempt, I got it just right! We all had a good laugh!


After the macarons are banged down and cooled, (you have to attend the class to see what I mean ;-)) off to the ovens they go! We were invited to view the commercial ovens that were going to work its magic to create the classes macarons. Like little kids, we nervously awaited for the “7 minutes mark” (as suggested my Rocco); as “if” something was going to happen, it would be at the 7 minute mark. Funny, how the 7 minutes “seemed” to take an eternity! 😉 When removed from the oven and trays, (like shaped macarons were “introduced” with other like shaped macarons) and again, in turn, the class participated in piping the macarons we made!

Rocco also sells all the macaron supplies demonstrated in the class.

NOTE: While the macarons were baking, Rocco discussed all the “wonderful” color and flavor combinations for the filling. Rocco even shared his prized Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache and Lemon Curd recipes too! (Did I tell you, it is a fun filled tasting class too? ;-)) Lots of mmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhs and ooooooohs went on as the fillings were passed around for tasting. The cupcake Queen and I especially enjoyed the Berry Coulis, the Buttercream and did we mention the dark curvature chocolate buds too? 😉 All made with fresh, simple ingredients. When combined (or “introduced” ;-)) to each other, I can say, “WOW! Wish YOU were at Rocco’s class to sample too!” 😉

Not only did we get to sample macarons, various fillings and chocolate, but as we “graduated”, we were presented with a little present of 5 various Nic & Rocco Macarons. Thank you Rocco from the Cupcake Queen and me! 😉

Macaron Present

nic&rocco have stores in Modbury, Norwood and Adelaide!/page_stores

Of course, my curiosity got the best of me and I just “had” to visit, their Modbury store!
Nic&Rocco store


Salted Caramel

What macaron is “the most” popular for nic&rocco? I guess you will just have to attend one of his Macaron classes to find out! 😉

I present to you my very first made macaron! 😉 😉 😉 ;-)Think the smile on my face “says” it all too! 😉 And if you knew me, you would know when I get excitable, I “very much” talk with my hands too! 😉

My First Macaron

Hope to see you at a future Savoury or Desserts Class by nic&rocco!!/classes
Private or Corporate Classes welcomed by nic&rocco too!

If you could be a macaron flavor combination, what would you be?

Now that making Macarons was “on the list” and is now off the list” to do, Repeat after me, “I CAN now make macarons too!!” 😉 😉 🙂 🙂

8 thoughts on “Rocco’s Macarons Rules

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  5. You must be SO proud Joanne! To master macarons so quickly is a great baking achievement 😀

    • Thanks Lorraine! I had THE best coach, guidance and THE best first hand knowledge “hints and tips” too! I TOTALLY enjoyed the experience! I took 3 pages of “suggestions” of what to do!

      Wait til next week, and you will laugh at the fun disasters and fun kitchen mishaps too!
      LOVE learning all things new re food and in this case, it would have been impossible to make these macarons JUST reading the recipe too! WHOO HOO!
      Am STILL smiling too! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Debbwl says:

    I have one word WOW!

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